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Fabrica de Canciones es el emprendimiento que hace la canción que soñás!Componemos música a partir de tus ideas. Desde una foto, palabra, ritmo, instrumentos, poesía, imagen o lo que a vos te parezca significativo.Es especialmente para vos, dejando la pieza musical y su difusión en tus manos. Trabajamos con amplia gamas de estilos y diferentes lenguajes musicales.Te entregamos la pieza en un cofrecito especial, con un libro donde encontrarás la letra, la partitura, los créditos y todo lo que vos dispongas.Esencial para la gente sensible que quiere salir del mundo mediático de la música y poseer una obra de arte personal y significativa o para hacer un regalo realmente especial.Nuestras obras son únicas e irrepetibles.

Factory of Songs is the enterprise that writes the song of your dreams!We compose music from your ideas. From a photograph, word, rhythm, instruments, poetry, picture or anything meaningful to you.It is really for you . The final composition and its broadscasting remains at your disposal.We work with a wide variety of styles and different musical languages.We offer you the song in a little case together with a book in which you’ll find the lyric, the score, the credits and all that you decide.Essential for sensitive people wishing to leave the impersonal world of commercial music and to acquire a personal and significant piece of art or simply to give somebody a certainly different present.Ours are really unique songs.

Mail: golocida@gmail.com y también en Facebook.

domingo, 25 de mayo de 2008

Factory of Songs
It is an enterprise dedicated to the exclusive composition of musical works for private clients.
The composers’ objective is to meet the client ‘s requirements, doing their best regarding knowledge as well as ability and creativity to handle the musical material.
The client is involved in the process since he can make decisions referring to style (instrumental or with lyric), posing a starting point that the composer uses as an idea to develop. For instance, some words, a drawing, a photograph, a text, etc.

We base on the wish of each client both as a generating element and as a complete form.
The songs are presented in score and with recording.